Selvaggio Blu in Sardinia

“Selvaggio Blu” is one of the most beautiful and charming trekking in the world. “Selvaggio blu” in Sardinia is considered the most hard and technical trekking in the Mediterranean. For us, “Selvaggio Blu” is a unique itinerary among wonderful landscapes and some challenging steps that you can easily face thanks to the support of a mountain guide. The Supramonte of Baunei, the east coast of Sardinia, is the scenery of this amazing adventure!

What it is: the Selvaggio Blu trek allows you to experience the nature of the oldest Sardinia, the history of the places of the shepherds and the charcoal farmers of the Supramonte. It is a quite demanding trek because it combines daily walks over distances of 8-10 km to some more technical passages, rappel and, depending on the program chosen, outdoor overnight. The technical steps will be accessible to everyone thanks to the constant support of the Alpine Guide.

Selvaggio Blu Trekking in Sardinia – May 2021

Selvaggio Blu is organized by the Mountain Guide Marco Bigatti, Big Alpine Guide, with a local agency that provides logistic and typical sardinian food.

WHEN16th -22nd MAY 2021


The Mountain Guide, Marco Bigatti, Big Alpine Guide
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