Climbing Day with Mountain Guide in Sardinia

Big Alpine Guide offers a Climbing Day to discover and have fun on the wonderful rock of Sardinia.
The Climbing Day is aimed to different kind of climbers with different interests:

  • Beginners without any experience who want to taste the vertical adrenaline for their first time. Moving the first steps on the rock with the support of a professional guide is the best way to start in security learning the basics and having fun. The climbing equipment could be provide by the mountain guide for free.
  • Intermediate level climbers can enjoy the sardinian rock improving their technic and touching on of the best rock in Italy around breathtaking landscapes. The Climbing Day is totally customized according to the needs of the participant. The climbing equipment could be provide by the mountain guide for free.
  • Upper level climbers can climb with a local expert and discover the wonderful crags and multipitch routes of Sardinia, taking advantage of the planning and organization of the mountain guide.
  • Climbers who want to improve their Trad or Clean Climbing can attend lessons about the usage of friends, nut, the crack climbing technics in one of the most charming Trad Climbing Area, like Capo Pecora or Masua Cliff.
  • Climbers who love multipitch routes can share the experience with a mountain guide and taste climbing by the sea. To have an idea just have a look in the pages Masua Multipitch, Pranu Sartu Multipitch or Aguglia Goloritzè Multipitch.
  • Climbing Holidays are also a nice option for those who want to climb everyday on the crags or mutlipitch routes. Here some examples: Sardinia East Multipitch and Sud Sardegna Multipitch.
  • If you are interested in other activities beyond climbing, just see the pages: trekking & ferrate, bikeice climbing.The rate of a climbing day is from 150 euro for a half day, to share among the participant.
    For further info, contact directly the Mountain Guide Marco Bigatti!

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